More eggs!

Leftover Pasta Frittata

double yolk egg

Double-yolker from Flower!

With 33 eggs collected on Wednesday, a new farm record, I thought I might share another egg recipe! Now is peak egg season- as it gets warmer, the girls will start to get babies on the brain and one by one, they will receive their instructions from the mothership, pick a nest box or a bush and go broody. A broody hen stops laying and just hunkers down with anything egg-like tucked underneath her waiting for that egg-like thing to hatch.  Once a day she’ll get up to relieve herself, have a bite to eat and a stretch and then right back to the nest she’ll go. It is a fascinating transition; you can see it in their eyes. When a hen is broody, you look into her pretty little face and there is nobody home. If you reach underneath her, she puffs up her feathers and growls, sometimes pecking your hand (side note: DON’T try this move with a goose- you might end up with a broken nose!)

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