What to do with all those eggs?

Today's bounty!  Well done, ladies!

Today’s bounty! Well done, ladies!

As the winter solstice passes and the days grow longer, the girls fly into action.

We can’t actually notice a difference in the daylight hours; 6 am is still pretty darn dark in the heart of winter, but the ladies are much more sensitive to the change. And so, after their winter break, they begin to lay again.  So what to do with all those eggs?  Make crêpes, of course!

Sweet crêpe recipe

Feeds about 4 hungry people


250 g plain flour

a few drops of good-quality vanilla

3-4 beaten eggs

1/4 tsp salt

375 mL full cream milk

125 mL water

splash of brandy, cognac, rum etc

20 g melted butter (melt the butter in the pan you will cook the crêpes in, after you add the butter to the batter, just give the pan a wipe with a paper towel before you cook your first crêpe)

Whisk flour with the vanilla and eggs, slowly adding the milk and water, mixing very well to get rid of the lumps. Add your alcohol of choice and then the melted butter.

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