L’Orpheline cider on sale now

2014 L'Orpheline Brut ciderIt’s finally ready – our long-awaited 2014 L’Orpheline Brut cider goes on sale today.

We’re particularly pleased with how this Normandy-style cider turned out in the end. It is has a light, crisp and completely dry lilt off the tongue, with the full apple flavour preserved. We added something special as well this year – a soupçon (hint) of quince, which gives a delicate floral nose and tart finish.

We crushed and pressed the spray-free fruit during the same day, and then fermented the juice in old French oak barrels using entirely wild yeast. We added nothing during the process. We picked the fruit a tad early to preserve that crispness typical of the Normandy-style ciders, and so the alcohol content is at a respectable 5%.

We find that L’Orpheline goes particularly well with foods that traditionally do not tend to match wines that well, such as spicy Asian or Mexican dishes. That said, it is a really food-friendly beverage, from cheese (the Farmer-in-Chief’s Outlaw brie, bien sûr) to chops straight off the barbecue. Of course, L’Orpheline chilled to about 5 degrees is the perfect summer drink by itself.

You probably won’t be seeing L’Orpheline in the local shops because we only have about 35 cases to sell, so orders can be made by contacting us directly at contact@tansleyfarm.com. If you’re within the vicinity of Adelaide, we can arrange personal delivery.

Prices are AU$20/750 ml bottle.  Get in quick before we drink it all! (were there really 3 empties after dinner last night?) Santé!


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