We raise “beyond organic” pastured broilers, based on the Polyface Farm model.


The Cornish-cross breeds of chickens are the birds consumers have come to expect when they want a succulent, juicy, roasted chicken. These are the Maseratis of chickens, growing lightning fast, ready for the table in as little as 6 weeks. We moderate the protein intake of our birds, slowing their growth so they are ready at 8 to 10 weeks, giving them extra time to develop extra flavour and texture.

Our baby chicks spend their first fragile two weeks in a brooder, then when their feather growth and the weather permits, they are moved into the pasture. At least once daily they are moved to give them access to fresh grass and insects, an event that they look forward to eagerly!  Each section of pasture is allowed to rest for a full year before chickens are grazed there again.

We can also provide tiny poussin by special order.


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