Apple cider

pomme From 13 unloved apple trees, L’Orpheline was born …


 Tansley Farm has a small remnant apple orchard – 13 gnarled and scraggly trees of a mix of varieties: golden, green, red and blush. We don’t know when they were planted or when they were last loved, but with a bumper crop in our second year on the farm, we knew just what to do.

We adore the brut ciders of Normandy, and work hard to emulate that style in L’Orpheline, our traditionally made apple cider.  We use only spray-free, Adelaide Hills fruit and wild yeast, ageing in oak barrels for a few months before bottling. Unpasteurised and unfiltered, this is a true, old-style apple cider.

When we have a good crop, we make the cider from our own apples, but in lean years, we get them from friends and neighbours who own other unloved orchards, let to run wild for the parrots and lucky cider-lovers. The cider is different every vintage, depending on the varieties  we choose (and we may even throw in a quince or two) and the level of ripeness at crushing.

An excellent apéritif or accompaniment to cheese!

Vintage 2014 sold out, but 2015 is now available. See here for purchasing and delivery details.

Orpheline label

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