Prime lamb

sheep-smFirm believers in hybrid fitness, we have dorper for width, suffolk for size, wiltipol for shedding.

Twice a year, in summer and winter, we offer lamb from our small mixed-breed flock of sheep. Our sheep are all individuals, with names and personalities, and they are treated with care and respect throughout their lives.

They thrive on our clean, pesticide- and herbicide-free, green (relatively) pastures – at an average of over 1100 mm a year of rain, Ashton is definitely one of the greenest places in South Australia, which is enhanced on Tansley Farm by a strict regime of rotational grazing. We do not fatten our animals on grain nor do they ever see anything like a feed lot, and we do not use routine antibiotics or other medications. To minimise their stress, we deliver them personally to an abattoir where they are kept together in a private stall until processing.

We will typically offer both young prime lamb cuts as well as older animals as mince, gourmet sausages, and cuts for slow-cooked dishes.

Available January 2016. Contact us for details.

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