Premium extra virgin olive oil

olives-transparent-small The cool climate of Ashton creates an elegant extra virgin olive oil that is full of life.

We handpick our 143 Manzanillo and 50 Frantoio olive trees in June and have two bottlings. The first is what we call Nouvelle oil (in a nod to the Beaujolais Nouveau), the spicy, cloudy oil straight from the press, full of antioxidants and with an ephemeral shelf life. A true seasonal product, we feel it is at its very best in the first two weeks. We then allow the rest of the oil to settle for a few weeks, bottling the clear oil that will remain consistent for many months.

Frantoio is the premium Tuscan oil variety and results in a powerful, grassy oil with a peppery bite in the back of the throat. The Manzanillo is a Spanish variety used for both curing and oil, and in our cool climate it really comes into its own as a full, round oil with a peppery front and a fruity middle.

Depending on the vintage, the oils are sold as single variety and/or blended.

Our olives are dry-grown without sprays of any kind, fertilised by our sheep and chickens.

 Nouvelle frantoio single variety oil available now in 500mL bottles.  And this vintage is a cracker.  Contact us for orders!

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