About us

about-us-bowlIt all began with a desire to grow what we wanted to eat.


Tansley is a mixed-product family farm where we practice ecological farming, an approach that reflects an understanding that everything on our farm is connected and dependent on each other: from the microbes in the soil, to the nutritional value of our plants, to the health of our animals.  We believe that disease and pest infestations are ultimately a symptom of an ecosystem that is out of balance, and chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides merely treat the symptoms, not the cause. We know that happy animals are healthy animals, and we strive to give all of them under our care the very best life they can have.

We established Tansley Farm to provide humanely raised, chemical-free meat for our family. Each animal on our farm is treated with care and respect from birth to death, with continual access to a healthy social life, fresh air, clean grass and ample, appropriate food.

While the animals provide meat for us, they also provide important ecosystem services to our farm.  They keep our pastures mowed – critical in our fire-prone region – reducing our reliance on petroleum products necessary to drive tractors and mowers. They control insect pests in our vineyard, gardens, grove and orchard. And, of course, they then recycle all of this into precious fertiliser to help our plants grow!

We have grown and are now able provide fresh, clean seasonal food for the greater Adelaide area, including pastured chickens and geese, prime lamb, apple cider, wine, and premium extra virgin olive oil. All of our sales are direct to the public and we do not ship any of our products.

We are committed to improving our soils, pastures and water quality, caring for this small patch of land for future generations. All of our crops are dry-grown to conserve water in our precious aquifers, and we encourage native species to flourish alongside our crops and animals.

We are members of WWOOF (host number SA399) and HelpX (host ID 34025) organisations.

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