chickenOh, we love our ladies! And the eggs they produce!

We run two ever-evolving flocks of heritage layers that may include Australorps, Barnevelders, Araucanas, Marans, Light Sussex and crosses of all of the above. We run roosters with our layers as we believe that the flock structure is critical to the happiness and safety of our birds, and keeping a boy or two is the best way to ensure harmony.

Our flocks live in two different areas on our farm. The main chicken coops are close to our house and the birds are let out each morning to roam to their hearts content, an area that works out to about 10 birds per hectare, a far cry from the allowable 10,000/hectare permitted on a commercial farm.

The vineyard flock, also known as “the Chickens Beyond the Wall,” have a coop on a trailer that we move systematically through our vineyard to control pests, primarily snails and weevils, and to condition the soil. This is a distant part of the property and predation from feral foxes is very high. To protect our birds, we use electric netting that keeps the birds in and the foxes out.

Unfortunately, South Australian legislation makes it too expensive for us to be a certified egg producer, thus our eggs are not available for sale to the public. if you want to be able to purchase eggs legally from micro producers, contact your local Member.

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