Ethical Tansley Farm meat for sale!

merguezIt is that time of year. As the pastures dry, we need to streamline the flock. This month we will be taking some older sheep for butchering, so we shall have chemical-free, antibiotic-

free, grass-fed, loved and respected meat for sale! Unfortunately due to unprecedented fox pressure last autumn, we will have no lamb for sale.

continentalI will be taking them myself to the Strathalbyn abattoir, and the butchering will be done by our most favourite butchers, the gourmet meat masters at Stirling Variety Meats. Orders will be able to be picked up at the shop in Stirling or by arrangement.

We will have braising meat, mince and gourmet sausages for sale, and we’d like to get an idea of what people want so we can have the animals prepared accordingly.

boereworsBraising meat: there is nothing like boneless shoulder from an older animal that is slow cooked in a curry. This is what a ‘ lamb’ curry is supposed to be. Similarly, you cannot make real Irish stew without neck chops. For a mere $15/kg for shoulder (bone-in chops or boneless) and $3/kg for neck chops (but note, there are not many kg of neck available in an animal).

Mince: for a REAL lamb burger, with much deeper flavour than young lamb. Or our favourite, Cypriot lachmajou, which is awesome as a pizza, topped with preserved lemon and drizzled with yogurt sauce (ask me for the recipe!): $12/kg

Gourmet sausages (three kinds):

  1. French style, coarse-ground thick links made with thyme, garlic and red wine. approx. 9 links/kg, $10/kg
  2. North African Merguez: coarse-ground, thick links made with a beautiful spice mix including cumin, cinnamon, coriander, paprika and cayenne. Oh so yum! approx. 9 links/kg, $10/kg
  3. Boerewors-style: a coarse-ground sausage spiced with coriander, cloves, nutmeg and red wine, one continuous sausage in a dramatic coil, so awesome on the barbecue. Yes, we know it should be beef and pork, but why? Lamb is so much better. One big gorgeous coil at around 700-800 g, $10/kg.

Let us know if there is something special you would like and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We only offer meat from our flock twice a year, so if you are keen, be sure to get your order in! Stay tuned for chickens in the autumn.

Of course, if you have any questions about the individual animals or our farming practices, feel free to ask.

For orders, please email

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