La Petite Mort

A favourite, quick snack at Tansley Farm is what we like to call La Petite Mort.

Step 1. I like to use a nice, fresh sourdough bread cut into medium-thick slices. A pain paysan would work as well, but a typical baguette might be slightly less interesting.


Step 2: Drizzle some robust olive oil (from Tansley Farm, of course) over the bread until it soaks in a little. You could do this step after the cheese (see Step 3), but the cheese can prevent the bread from taking up a lot of the oil.


Step 3. Spread some fresh chèvre goat cheese over the oil. We use our own, raw-milk chèvre.


Step 4. Ideally, you now want to sprinkle some piment d’Espelette over the cheese, but this can be hard to come by in Australia. A great alternative is some cracked pepper.


There you have it — I know you will love your petite mort as much as I do.




Gigi and Nöelle

A friend was over the other day,

Nöelle in a box

Nöelle in a box, coming home

and he brought up a particular French cheese that he knew of, didn’t I love this one?

I told him that I hadn’t heard of it, so no, I didn’t know if I did. He looked at me, surprised, and said (only sort of kidding) what, don’t you know everything there is to know about French cheeses?

I see we need to get something clear here: I don’t have dairy goats because I love cheese. I make cheese because I love dairy goats.

As a farmer, I wasn’t always this way.

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